What's your story?

“Career-me story”

-My name is Elizabeth Cook, but call me Liz. I was born and raised in a tiny town called Clinton, Ohio. I grew up loving the arts, music, animals, and playing outside for hours and hours. I moved to Lakewood when I was 18 to attend fashion school and started dabbling in makeup more. Fashion wasn’t my jam but makeup totally was.

In 2005 I “faked it till I made it” and totally nailed down a job at MAC Cosmetics for 3 years and started soaking it in. During that time I attended Brown Aveda Institute for my Esthetics license to learn more about my canvas, the skin. Then.... THE RECESSION. We won’t give that era much time but let’s just say- I was jobless. MAC laid 18 people off in the region and I was one of them. That was when I realized I couldn’t count on ANYONE to look out for me or help my goals happen. So I started making plans to go freelance... it took 7 long, painful years of working other jobs I couldn’t stand and growing my own business in my off time. Also trying to learn hairstyling on my own because clients want both makeup and hair talent in one person. (Because they’re SO similar! Eyeroll.) 2012 I left my last “real job” and went freelance. The scariest and best thing I have ever done!

It’s been almost 8 years of self employed bliss. Mostly working commercial, catalog, and e-commerce and campaigns for fashion brands. Did some movie work for 3 years before learning, that’s not my journey! (Ha!) I’ve done 9 years and over 18 seasons back stage at New York for Fashion Week, along with shows in Miami, Paris and Cannes. My all time favorite is when I get to work with Musicians or Performers/Actors.

"Real Me Story"

I’m an Aries Sun, Libra Rising, Leo Moon. I love my 3 cats, plants/making things grow, sitting on my couch, watching music videos, singing, sleeping, traveling, and I hate wearing makeup. If I could get paid for crying, I’d be a rich woman. I hate hanging out in groups, peas, “too many cooks in the kitchen”, and people who are late. If I wasn’t a makeup artist I’d be working with children/adults with special needs/developmentally different.


What makes you nervous about having your portrait taken?

Im usually always on the other side of the camera! I get nervous about not looking “perfect” or having the right angle. I’m picky. Which is super lame... I work on that everyday. Self love is such a day to day adventure.