Because every woman has a story...



1. There are no rules:  We can do whatever you want. Any idea. You can be naked, wear a ball gown, climb a tree, bring your kid, whatever you want.

2. I have ideas: For every single woman, I have a "vision" in my head of how I'd like to take your portrait. You can say no to my vision. You can bring your own vision. We can experiment and have fun.

3. Portraits are focused on "body positivity": The only "rule" of this group is to be body positive. That means the focus is on loving our bodies. If you don't love your body, when we take pics, you might end of loving it. Naked, clothed, a suit of armor, wear what you want!

4. Posting your portrait: I will edit images and send you a link. Hopefully you love the pics. If not we can shoot more! It's up to you if we share the images and which ones. It's your choice.

5. How much does it cost? Nothing. This is a "passion project" for me. You can donate a money to go towards my studio rent.  You can donate clothing or accessories for other women's portraits.

This portrait project is my idea, but every woman participating is changing the project, and helping it grow.  Women who participate are not in any way affiliated with my views.