What's your story?

Guess my story is freedom and independence. My childhood was a mix, at 4 yrs old I was in a home for ''crippled'' children to 6 yrs old. For most part I was scared because my parents weren't allowed to say goodbye,I just looked up from a little red car I was sitting in playing and they were gone! It left a mark on me for sure!

But learned to dress, feed myself, was fitted with leg braces and started kindergarten. I attended a special ed class with other handicapped kids with different age levels, then had tutors most of my teens. Loved dolls and playing with other kids, had a close cousin where I spent most of my growing years, her mom, my aunt was like my second mother, taught me a lot!

My mom's parents had a grocery store which she worked in. Me and my brother spent lots of hours upstairs above the store. My dad worked on the railroad....

In short, my independence began at LEC where I met Chris, than Steve. He taught ceramics, but had a background in psychology. I could talk to him/them so one thing lead to another, first a trip to the mall, they took me, let me go around by myself, that got me hooked.

I just went after things that interested me and things I liked and somehow they worked out and had many who believed in me...And I met lots of great people!!...