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What's your story?

I was born in Colorado Springs, raised Evangelical Christian, failed at communal missionary life in my mid-20's, wrestled to reconcile the faith I'd been raised in with science and social studies, and progressively converted to universal humanism and equality-driven feminism in my late 20's. I started writing worship music for the father, son and holy spirit in my pre-teen years, and then gradually branched out into secular songwriting as my beliefs suspended and values shifted.

At 28, I found riot grrrl music, and started a new wave feminist rock band called Womantra. As a survivor of complex spiritual abuse and sexual trauma, my focus is healing, creative expression, encouragement, and figuring how to best carry on and live my life- believing survivors amplifying the voices of oppressed, suffering and underprivileged people.

What makes you nervous about having your portrait taken?

I don't particularly like the way I look...and I'm always self-conscious of my furrowed brow, my pear-shaped body, and my unruly hair.

Can I share some of your images?

Yes :)

What do you love doing that makes you feel kick ass?

I really love taking baths, guided meditation, yin yoga, dancing, singing and songwriting...these things center me and keep me together.

What inspired your portraits?

I was laid off from work, and I wanted to treat myself to something nice and fun. :)

What bad ass women inspire you?

Mostly songwriters and authors...some of my biggest inspirations include Patti Smith (with whom I had the privilege of meeting this year at a reading!), PJ Harvey, Kathleen Hanna, Susanna Kaysen, Ann Lamott, Erykah Badu, India Arie, and Mary J. Blige, amongst droves of bright, strong, creative, inspirational BA womyn.

Any Other Comments?

I encourage everyone to wake up to today's injustices, help erode the patriarchy and boycott all of its institutions, stand up for justice and equality, stand against rape culture, speak out against violence and assault, promote respect and consent, support their fellow womyn and amplify their voices!!! Thanks for letting me take part in your work!

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