What's your story?

Just a little background...I am the youngest of six. I grew up in the Hough Heights area of Cleveland and have many found memories. I always knew I wanted to be a performer even as a shy kid. My siblings were "forced" by my parents to endure my many performances as a kid. My most popular and first acting performance was me pretending to be deaf. (I've since apologized to my mother for the stress it put her through)

What makes you nervous about having your portrait taken?

I am my biggest critic. I'm still embracing all my " perfect imperfections!" Also despite my career in music and theatre, I tend to be a fiercely private person. I cant really hide behind a costume. It's just Sharron!

Can I share some of your images?

Yes, you can share any or all!

What do you love doing that makes you feel kick ass?

When I'm onstage with all the phenomenal band mates in either Afterthought, or Foxx & Co. but particularly with "Wish You Were Here" and I've got my heels on, I'm singing to several hundred or thousands people, and I'm looking fierce, I get lost in the music. I reflect on that little girl from Hough Heights, who's living her Rock and Roll dream! I also feel kick ass, when I finally realized that I will always be my biggest cheerleader and that I'm in control and responsible for my own happiness.

What inspired your portraits?