Lisa & Samantha

From Lisa:

It’s funny to look at all of your Badass portraits and then look at ours, because we look so NOT badass. It’s almost embarrassing…like who are these two women who only laugh and dance when everyone else looks cool…or mysterious…or just simply kick-ass?

So, I’ve been thinking a lot about how to answer the questions. What I’ve realized is what makes us badass is that we’re low-key, on-the-down-low badass. If you see us or meet us casually, we probably don’t give off the badass vibe. The truth is, individually we are badass, but together we are BAD-ASS. I’m glad we took these pictures as a duo because together we are exponentially badass. What we have is complementary…what I’m weak about, Sam is strong about. What I lack, she’s got. Where I fail, she succeeds. And vice versa. And the best part about it is that we would never tell the other how she was weak, or what she lacks, or where she fails…we just know it and put our own strengths on the other side of the scale so it all balances out.

I will tell you specifically why Sam is a badass…she graduated with a “man’s degree” in a “man’s field” and walked into their worlds as a smoking hot young women, and yet has always been recognized as being as smart and badass as she is. I guarantee you that’s a rarity.

So that’s that.

In response to some of your actual questions…

What makes you nervous about having your portrait taken?

I can tell you that there’s really nothing that makes me nervous about having my portrait taken.

Can I share your images?

You can certainly share my images, even the ones sans clothes…I’ve decided that I don’t care who sees them. (I actually decided that the first day, but have taken months to decide whether that’s the wrong decision.)