Lynn's Story:

I was an overweight kid, from the time I hit puberty until around 20. Rather than get taller, I grew, well, horizontally lol. BUT I was an avid fan of Marvel comics. I loved reading about the superheros, in particular, I LOVED the way the women looked. I didn’t realize it until my late teens, but I wanted MUSCLE.

My mom’s uncle knew how I felt and ordered me a Charles Atlas book from the newspapers*(you have to be ancient to know this, but he started the muscle trend before Arnold). And so, I’d play around with different exercises. I weighed 220 at my highest, as a senior in high school, and after having my daughter, Stephanie, my friend’s brother, who ran track, introduced me to vegetarianism. I started writing everything I ate down, cut out sugar, only ate natural foods*(my folks helped as everything we ate was made from scratch), cut out red meats (wh