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Hollie & Maeve

So much of my identity since I’ve had my children has been as their mother. My focus is almost always on them.

When Jen suggested a warrior Imperator Furiosa theme for my shoot, it brought me back to the rebel I was pre-kids (when people referred to me as Tank Girl). It was liberating to get back in touch with that side of myself.

Bringing my daughter with me was so important. I want her growing up among strong women, so she is aware of how much is possible for her.

Like many women, I struggled with my flaws being on display for everyone to examine. However, after seeing the first several portraits Jen released for this project, I couldn’t wait to join the ranks of these inspiring women.

I am in awe of the strength, confidence, and unique beauty clearly visible in each one of them. I am honored to stride along side of them.

Jen's thoughts: I loved that Maeve was part of the shoot. I don't have kids, but I think a lot about how my friends are raising their daughters in this world. Maeve was very much in control of what pics we took and what she wore. I loved seeing her make decisions and not be pressured into anything.

When preparing for Hollie's pics, I thought, "oh, this will be easy, she's gorgeous and perfect!" But she was nervous about taking pics and I was surprised.

This was a huge lesson for me. Just because a women appears to be "perfect" (by society's standards) doesn't mean she feels perfect. All women struggle with their appearance. That's the point of this project, to talk about that struggle, to see how we're all so much alike, and then to learn to struggle less.

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