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What's your story?

What makes you nervous about having your portrait taken?

Can I share some of your images?

What do you love doing that makes you feel kick ass?

What inspired your portraits?

What bad ass women inspire you?

Any Other Comments?

Jen's thoughts: When Eileen put the dress on, it's like it was made for her. It fit perfectly and looks amazing. I loved adding the bird to the image in front of the backdrop. Although it's a blue jay, and I meant to add a bluebird. Blue jay's are the jerks of the bird world.

I met Eileen in 2015 and we shared a studio. She's an amazing ceramics artist. It's funny that we've known each other for so long and this is the first time she's been my subject.

Well, I have taken family pics for Eileen. Her daughter Rita was known as "studio baby" because she was always there with Eileen. I can't wait until the day I'm taking Rita's bad ass portrait.

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