Hi, I'm Jen Hearn.  I'm a professional photographer.  I shoot weddings, portraits, abandoned buildings and tons of pics of my dogs. 



I'm also software tester, dog lover, married lady, free floating weirdo and basic goofball.  And I'm a feminist.

​The focus of this project is to take portraits that  are focused on "Body Positivity".  I know so many women who struggle with their body image.  I used to, but now I'm working on being thankful for my body and all its imperfections.  


This project is a way to be positive and find ways for women (and men) to talk about these things.

It's also a project about having fun!!!

Most importantly:  This portrait project is my idea, but every woman participating is changing the project, and helping it grow.  Women who participate are not in any way affiliated with my views. 


Click HERE to view my professional portfolio